Voting Criteria

  • The age of the participant must be 18 and above.
  • The participant must be of Indian nationality and residing in India.

So guys, these are the three methods which help you in Voting Polls of Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2.

  1. Vote Through Our Website
  2. Bigg Boss Marathi Vote By Using BiggBossMarathi App
  3. Through Website

Bigg Boss Marathi Vote Through site

  • First of all, visit site
  • Then, you’ll get Bigg Boss Marathi Season 2 Voting Poll there.
  • In this voting poll, you’ll get the nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 2.
  • You just need to select your favorite contestant whom you want to see in the Bigg Boss 2 house.
  • Then, click on the “Submit” button.
  • That’s it!!! Your vote will submit after few minutes.

16 Comments on “Vote”

  1. Just kick out shivani surve. In no way she can re enter biggboss. She re entered a guest. The moment she was made contestant, she went back to old annoying ways. Her panic attacks come very conveniently. Cant understand why biggboss is so blind!! Or is he a fool?

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